Museum of Vancouver’s Why I Design Showcase Celebrates Local Talent

Thursday 25th, October 2018 / 07:00
By Emily Corley

VANCOUVER – Why I Design is an annual one-night exploratory extravaganza presented by the Museum of Vancouver. Simply put: “Local designers talk with you about what they do and why they’re doing it in Vancouver.”

Designers of everything from sustainable fashion to workplace safety will discuss the projects they’re working on and their practical impact on the city we live in. On November 3, over two dozen designers will showcase their work and invite open discussion with the public about how their creative endeavours have an impact on our day-to-day lives.

Why I Design highlights the incredible wealth of creative talent in Vancouver and celebrates the diverse inspirations and outcomes for artistic output in the modern world. Many of the participating designers are investigating the contribution that thoughtful, sustainable design can have on social and community spaces.

Contributors include Yael Stav of Invivo Design, whose projects champion urban sustainability and environmentally friendly construction. Luugigyoo Patrick Reid Stewart, who will also speak at the event, is an architect focusing on Indigenous design. His past projects include a resource centre and cultural buildings that give back to the environments and communities they serve.

The event also spotlights designers who take their inspiration from around the world. Cydney Eva from PatternNation will be discussing her collaboration with South African designer Costa Besta and demonstrating how socially conscious art can be “an act of decolonization.”

The Museum of Vancouver has long been an advocate for cutting-edge local design and they are excited to be hosting Why I Design for another year. Marketing and Communications Manager Lorenzo Schober says, “Why I Design is undoubtedly one of our most popular and well-attended events. It’s an event that encourages dialogue between local designers and the public at large. This year we are excited to feature designers that focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and ecological consciousness to centre around a theme of creating these types of spaces within their communities.”

Why I Design takes place on November 3 at the Museum of Vancouver.