High Parade – The Ocean

Thursday 01st, November 2018 / 10:41
By Christine Leonard 

There are few things more vast and inscrutable than a gigantic body of water and that’s exactly what Calgary’s High Parade find themselves navigating with their debut release, The Ocean. Recorded by captain of industry Lorrie Matheson at Arch Audio, The Ocean rolls in with a demure confidence that instantly eases the ears and pours tonic on the soul. Wistfully launching into “The Waves,” Sheila Lacey’s lonesome vocals part the fog and signal the quintet’s purity of intention. Tentative and unassuming, the daydream sailors of High Parade “Remember the Days” when loving came easy and didn’t leave you nauseated and reeling. Strident guitar surges add support to invertebrate “Ghost” and frame the reflective “Stare,” with its looking glass luster. The sunrise optimism of “Are They Chasing Me” floods into “This Town,” layering insightful observations with fuzzy memories. Soft pop-rock layers glide across the surface of each tidal shift, imbuing “Perfume” with an electro-noir charm that is as delicate as it is daring. Not unlike the real thing, The Ocean is so fulsome you could walk across its plastic.



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