Mark Muz: Portrait artist puts a new twist on wildlife  

Friday 02nd, November 2018 / 14:00
By Kennedy Pawluk


Mark Muz
Photo by Shirl Tse

CALGARY – After his high school commissioned Mark Muz to create a mural, he envisioned a career creating visual art. When Muz turned 30, he turned to artwork full-time and set out on a 10-year plan with the intention of making a living between music, art and film by the age of 40.  

“I was an old punk rocker, so I’ve kind of always had a DIY mentality about everything,” explains Muz. “I’ve always tried to do things, maybe not smarter, but different from more traditional routes, and it’s been rewarding in its own way because I’ve done a wide variety of things using different mediums, and experimenting a lot.”  

Muz says that while he always considered himself self a portrait artist, “After years of questioning my feelings towards paintings of animals, I decided to challenge myself by creating a series of paintings that blended my portrait work with wildlife art, which was something I’d always disdained.”  

Although he abandoned the series at one point, he returned to the concept with a series of paintings connecting bodies of iconic figures with the heads of birds. For example, Muz recreates ’60s fashion icon, Twiggy, with the head of an albatross. 

Muz will feature the new series at The Aviary within three different groups of art: 1.) a wall of paintings that span Muz’s career as an artist, 2.) another exhibit of smaller stenciled and screen-printed pieces, and then 3.) the centrepiece of the show, the series of anthropomorphic birds that has been Muz’s focus most of the past year. 


Mark Muz’s exhibit will be on display throughout November at The Aviary, featuring music from The Holy Drone Travellers 

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