Ethan Bokma: Each tape a unique experience

Saturday 03rd, November 2018 / 14:21
By Kennedy Pawluk

Photo by Abram Hindle

CALGARY – Ethan Bokma began playing music with a formal training in piano at a very young age. Like many youth with a background in classical music training, Bokma became bored with formal piano playing and fell down the rabbit hole of rock n’ roll, metal, and punk rock. It was, however, an unexpected discovery that helped Bokma find his voice.

“My main hobby has always been listening to and exploring different kinds of music. Eventually, I landed on free jazz. I remember the first thing I heard was Peter Brotzmann’s “Machine Gun”. Listening to it the first time was like the heavens opened up. After listening to that music for a while I was still unsure that it was what I wanted to play, but eventually I did pick up a clarinet and started exploring that kind of music. I kind of found myself right exactly in that kind of music that truly makes me happy to play.” Describes Bokma

Bokma is a member of multiple experimental groups, including the free jazz duo Holy Beak, and eastern psychedelic jazz drone group The Holy Drone Travellers, but with his next solo project Bokma wanted to provide the listener with a truly unique experience. His series of work, Love Beyond All Worlds, is a collection of tapes where each tape is a fully unrelated composition. Along with the separate pieces of music, Bokma produced all the packaging to contrast each other.

Each tape is recorded live through a mixer and directly into the cassette deck. “Every cassette is a different recording, though they do have similarities across them. Some of them will have different instruments but I’ll still do the same things. On most of them, I set up a looping drone and improvise over them.”

Love Beyond All Worlds is available online and at Blackbyrd Myoozik and Listen Records in Edmonton

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