Tash Sultana: One-woman revolution

Saturday 03rd, November 2018 / 12:00
By Christine Leonard

Multi-instrumental marvel Tash Sultana enters her flow state
Photo by Dara Munnis

CALGARY – Breaking the gate is nothing new for singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana. The 23-year-old product of Melbourne, Australia’s diverse rock scene has been making her way through the urban jungle since her single of the same name splashed down in 2016. Voted as one of the hottest songs of that year (and the next), the breakthrough hit was realization of a childhood dream and a career first for the one-woman-band. An adept student of many forms, Sultana’s reggae-tinted blues rock compositions have won her fans across genres and international borders. Exploding from a word-of-mouth bedroom project and YouTuber to playing sold out shows across the globe, Sultana’s story is as remarkable as her talent. With a new album, Flow State, landing on store shelves in August, Sultana is more than ready to embrace the future and go with the flow.

BeatRoute: What was your initial introduction to playing music, did you have any formal training as a child?

Tash Sultana: I had guitar lessons when I was younger, and I taught myself how to play other instruments based around my knowledge of the guitar. I learn off things I see every day.

What were some of the factors that encouraged you to take risks at the beginning of your career?

TS: Curiosity, I had this concept that if anybody could learn something then I could learn whatever I wanted so I pushed myself to learn other instruments, so why not? Whatever you want and works best for you.

Photo by Dara Munnis

BR: Is there any connection or similarity between your two LPs Notion and Flow State?

TS: They’re not related, two different points in my life so two different projects. I just jam and whatever happens happens. There’s obviously a massive difference between being 13 and 23 so yeah, I’m not a child anymore and you hope it would be a bit better.

Photo credit sasquatch

BR: How did you balance performing live with writing and recording the tracks for Flow State?

TS: Been working on it my whole life it’s the only pace I know. I wrote them as live songs, so I could perform them on the stage. It was the studio part that was the hard part. Every song is different and I’m leaving it to you to figure it out. My favourite song to play live right now is “Blackbird.”

BR: Any upcoming artistic endeavours that you are excited about undertaking?
TS: Yes, I recently bought a studio and would like to step away from my own music at some point and produce for other people. They’ll be a few collaborations in the near future, I thought it was time to start jamming with new people and get some other projects happening.

Tash Sultana performs November 1 at Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre-UBC Thunderbird Arena (Vancouver), November 3 at Shaw Conference Centre (Edmonton), November 4 Grey Eagle Event Centre (Calgary) and November 6 at Burton Cummings Theatre (Winnipeg)

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