Gutter Demons: Summoning new fans with new music  

Monday 05th, November 2018 / 09:37
By Sarah Mac 

Gutter Demons take care of some unfinished business 
Photo provided by band and Union Label Group


CALGARY – October, it’s time to dig up your lazy bones and head out for some hellraising psychobilly! Straight off the streets of historic Montreal, Gutter Demons have been lurking in taverns and slingin’ their visceral psychobilly since 2001. The demonic-trio consist of guitarist/vocalist Johnny TöxiK, upright bass player Gutter Flipper and percussionist R-1. Together they generate a dark and brooding music set to a paradoxically quick tempo. TöxiK’s deep, raspy-vocals compliment the low octaves from the bass-slappin’ and dominating drums — thus creating ominous tones, while keeping it catchy-as-fuck. 

Gutter Demons’ latest offering, No God, No Ghost, No Saints, is the follow-up to 2015`s Unfinished Business. Released on November 4th on Stomp Records; this is Gutter Demons’ first album on Stomp since signing with the label this past summer.

Heavy, raucous rockabilly and the fury of Gutter Demons are present throughout No God, No Ghost, No Saints. Although many of the tracks stick to their classic psychobilly style, “Ghostrider” and “Psychotrons” are great examples. Overall, the album feels a little more rock’n’roll compared to previous outings, displaying their versatility and absolutely killing it.

“Each time we start working on new songs or new records, we’re always trying to push ourselves musically and this album is no exception to what we usually do. We’ve been trying go places we’ve never gone before and trying to experiment as much as possible with our music,” TöxiK explains.

Gutter Demons’ albums have ranged from the twang and swagger of rockabilly to more straight-up punk rock and rock’n’roll influences but, the unique French touches are always a pleasure to hear.

“In the past, like on the Room 209 (2005 Pirate Records) album, we covered French singer, Georges Brassens [“Pauvre Martin”]. We have an original on Misery, Madness and Murder Lullabies (2008 Wolverine Records) [“Recherche”]. But, on this latest album, there wasn’t anything jumping out at me saying ‘Yeah, this one should be in French!’”

With their new album on the menu, what better reason do you need to come raise the dead and twist the night away with Gutter Demons this November?

“I can’t wait to be back in Alberta, we have always a great time when we’re there. Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge; no matter where you go it’s always a crazy fuckin’ party!”  


Gutter Demons perform November 12 at Windsor Hotel (Winnipeg), November 13 at The Exchange (Regina), November 15 at the Buckingham (Edmonton), November 16 at Dickens Pub (Calgary), November 17 at the Vat Pub (Red Deer)November 18 at The Smokehouse (Lethbridge)November 20 at Flying Steamshovel (Rossland), November 21 at Fernando’s Pub (Kelowna), November 22 at Sbc (Vancouver), November 23 at Upstairs Cabaret (Victoria)

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