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A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

A Mighty New Force In Hip-Hop: Haviah Mighty Raps To Empower

By Courtney Heffernan After a fiery performance at the NXNE festival stage in downtown Toronto, Haviah Mighty is still in…

The Devil Makes Three Break The Chains And Ease The Suffering

Tuesday 06th, November 2018 / 14:10
By Cole Young

Photo by Jay Westcott

The Devil Makes Three is back on the road supporting their first release of original tunes in five years, Chains Are Broken, and the country-folk/blues quartet are excited to get your hands clappin’ and your feet stompin’.

Coming from a background of playing shows with punk rock and metal bands, The Devil Makes Three have developed an incredibly energetic and dynamic live performance. Pete Bernhard, guitarist and lead vocalist explains, “We really love folk music and traditional music but sometimes that kind of music can be really boring live. It’s just not really that fun to see, so were trying to take all the energy we love from punk rock music and bring it to a folk-country/blues kind of show.”

Bernhard is inspired by the days, way back before electricity made its way into music, when acoustic bands were hired to play parties and they had to have high energy so people could dance and have fun.

“We wanna make sure the audience is a real participant in the show,” Bernhard says. “We play a better show when the audience is really engaged and excited to be there. Sometimes you have an audience who, for whatever reason, don’t want to rock out that night and the band won’t be as good. Because they need that, it’s a reciprocal thing you know, there’s something that happens between the band and the audience and the best crowd gets the best show.”

On top of putting on a high-octane live show, The Devil Makes Three also have the ability to connect with people on a sentimental level. Heart worn guitar riffs and walking bass lines that stay right there with you, topped with beautiful melodies and harmonies full of emotion, Bernhard’s strong, honest cries truly strike a chord. Capturing your heart is no mistake either.

“I think that’s one of the cool things about the tradition of blues and country-blues songwriting is it makes me feel better and it makes other people feel better too. I don’t really understand why that works but there’s something about when something bad happens, hearing a song about something like that somehow eases the general suffering,” Bernhard says. “My intention is to try and do the same thing the music is doing for me to everyone else.”

The Devil Makes Three are really excited to have a new batch of songs to share with their fans and as always are pumped to get back on the road. Bernhard expressed total jubilation to have found a way to have his work and creativity match the lifestyle he’s chosen.
“I don’t know what I’d do if I wasn’t in a band,” he says with an honest chuckle.

The Devil Makes Three perform at the Commodore on November 7