Alias & Dose One – Less is Orchestra 

Friday 09th, November 2018 / 11:33
By Graeme Wiggins


Alias used to jokingly call his music goth-hop and it’s a fitting, if not limited description of the wide variety of songs here. There’s the spooky art-trap music of “Top Billing II” and “The Deadener” to the more lush serene hum of “The Doghawk.”  It’s clear that despite his being forced to work on music part time (indie hip-hop doesn’t pay the bills like it used to), that he still managed to hone his production craft. 

For his part, Dose One’s voice has aged like fine wine. The added rasp gives his vocals a weathered gravitas that suits his takes on mortality and workaday life. His lyrics can still get pretty abstract at times but it’s reigned in a little more than his earlier work. The recent passing of Alias hangs heavy over this record. It’s a thoughtful, beautifully crafted collection of songs made by two people at very different points in their lives from when they were the Anticon heavy hitters.


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