In/Vertigo: Classic hard rock for a modern audience 

Friday 09th, November 2018 / 12:02
By Louis Crowshoe 


Photo by Brett Olson

CALGARY – Boasting an intense sound, bellowing vocals and an in-your-face stage presence, Calgary-based hard rock band In/Vertigo puts on a show that’s not just heavy – it’s impossible to ignore. Their self-titled demo, recorded with the aid of Ronnie Champagne (Alice in Chains, Jane’s Addiction, Social Distortion) sold out of every copy printed. A triumph, which has the outfit, primed to for the physical release their EP (which was issued digitally in August 2018) this November. For those who weren’t lucky enough to snap up one of the 500 demos, In/Vertigo’s approach to the business of making music is perhaps best described as – raw meets powerful. Aptly playing gigs with high-profile acts such as Diamond Head and Striker, the emergent band’s fast and ferocious work ethic has brought them to the attention of critics and fans alike. Aligned with Reed Alton’s emotive vocals, Shaddy Elsaghir’s shredding guitar, Duncan McCartney’s bombastic bass lines and drummer Keaton Byfield relentless skin-banging, the rock ‘n’ roll quartet brings more than musical talent to the party, they bring their own electrically charged atmosphere.

At their last show at The Rec Room (Calgary), the band’s Elsaghir spoke about In/Vertigo’s upcoming album release, stating that their forthcoming EP is the final product of the last two years of passionate work. The album and all subsequent music videos are entirely self-funded and independently produced and, as he so eloquently puts it – “The product of “working our asses off doing what we love”.

Be sure to look up In/Vertigo’s latest, which will be immortalized on plastic for the band’s album release party on November 4th. Emulating the distribution methods used to promote movies, In/Vertigo will be teasing fans with their recent single and music video release, “Bad Enemy,” before slowly feeding out copies of their new album by making it solely available during live shows and events.

“We like the way that movies are distributed.” said Elsaghir elaborates. “First you have to see it in the theaters. Then, if you want to see it again, you’ll have to wait for it to come out on VHS!” 


In/Vertigo performs at Dickens Pub (Calgary) on November 4 and The Rec Room (Calgary) on November 17.

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