Blonde Diamond – Fantasy Love

Sunday 11th, November 2018 / 14:49
By Sarah Allen


Vancouver-based Blonde Diamond, formerly YOUNGBLOOD, released their new EP, Fantasy Love, last month and it shines as bright as we hoped it would. 

Alexis Young, vocalist and overall alt/pop goddess, has a voice so precise and smooth that, when combined with the percussive dance tracks, are simply to die for.  

As a whole, the album is nostalgic, yet ultramodern, and very dance-worthy. The song “Bend to Break” is so dang dreamy, with exceptional arrangements. “Famous” is another track that embodies dream pop properly with its ethereal quality, and the song, “Dark Place,” would be the perfect intro to any neo-noir film.  

Blonde Diamond worked with producer DJ Sleepy Tom on the EP, and the single “Better When You’re Close” has already netted over 140,000 streams on Spotify. Keeping the momentum going after the bold move to change their name, this collection of songs is a sweet, sweet fantasy turned reality from a promising young band on the rise.

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