Look Vibrant: Pushing the envelope filter

Sunday 11th, November 2018 / 11:35
By Tory Rosso

Look Vibrant soar to even higher altitudes
Photo by Max Taeuschel

CALGARY – It seems there has never been a shortage of exciting and innovating bands coming out of Montreal and Look Vibrant is no exception. Recently downsizing their lineup, the now three-piece group consists of Toronto expats Justin Lazarus and Matthew Murphy. The duo play synthesizers and guitar respectively while sharing vocal duties, along with drummer Eli Kaufman, who originally hails from California.

Having played together as a trio for almost six years, the group credits mutual musical influences with bringing them together initially.
“Justin and I went to a bonfire that a friend was hosting. We met Eli there and we started talking about Animal Collective,” explains Murphy.
That early meeting eventually blossomed into a serious partnership.
“We’ve been playing together for a long time and we’re really close friends,” adds Eli. This amiability factor doesn’t just aid in their general chemistry as a unit, it is essential to Look Vibrant’s longevity as a band.

Coming off the heels of their self-released full-length debut, The Up Here Place, released in March of 2018, Look Vibrant is functioning like a well-oiled machine as the threesome prepares to launch into their biggest North American tour to date this November. What’s more, they promise another album is slated to be released shortly thereafter.
“The new record should be out early next year, we’re shopping around for labels at the moment,” Kaufman states.

For mere mortals, the grind of being on the road in a touring band for more than a month at the time can be quite exhausting, but these luminous beings have their own secrets to avoiding the burnout.
“We’re going to run every day and we don’t party. We basically just don’t party and that’s how we survive,” Justin admits with a chuckle.

Testing their stamina and building layers of lush synthesizers, with cascading guitar melodies on a foundation of No Wave and technical drum patterns, Look Vibrant makes writing catchy pop-esque tunes appear deceptively easy. With a style that revels in the pleasant unfamiliarity, this dynamic group of runaway indie-rock experimentalists wants nothing more than to challenge the assumptions of the listener.


Look Vibrant performs November 18 at Lucky Bar (Victoria), November 21 at the Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club (Calgary), November 22 at The Buckingham (Edmonton), November 23 at T+A Vinyl and Fashion (Regina) and November 24 at The Good Will (Winnipeg)

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