Gross Misconduct – Equinox 

Monday 12th, November 2018 / 14:14
By Heath Fenton


Remember that time when Mastodon took a bunch of thrash metal pills and overdosed? Actually, it never happened. But if it ever did happen, Gross Misconduct’s new album Equinox might be the result. Equinox toes the line beautifully between thrash and death metal, but also creates a dynamic sound with many progressions. Snarling razor cut riffs that slice holes into everything. Haunting acoustic passages that dig deep into the earth. Desperate yells that make you want to run to hell for help. It’s all here and more, in this magnificent record.  

When you start to dig deeper after a few listens you can hear just how busy this band is. Highlighted by guitarist Dave London’s cut through leads and distinct forays into a stab worthy attack that is egged on further by intense whipper snapper drumming. Gross Misconduct are nearly 20 years in to the metal game and it shows. There isn’t a miscue to be heard here. Songs “Equinox,” “A Place Of Bones” and “Exhaustive Integral” are a serious 1-2-3 punch right off the top and from there this album deafens you into bliss.

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