KOSM – Cosmonaut 

Monday 12th, November 2018 / 20:23
By Daniel Robichaud


Vancouver’s KOSM kick the door in with Cosmonaut, their monstrous full-length debut. Brace yourself for a satisfying trip through an exciting mountain range of cascading, meaty riffs, swelling rises and heady drops, all led by the powerful, soaring vocals of the dynamic Jessie Grace. 

While intended to indicate a will to explore the atypical and elaborate the old into something new, the term “progressive” can be off-putting. Too often does a band fall prey to its own ambition of pursuing every flight of fancy and pushing things further, which can quickly turn a forward-thinking album into a confusing grab-bag of technically proficient tangents awkwardly sewn together. Cosmonaut is not that. Here is an album where progressive elements are subtly used to colour already solid, groovy song foundations, which could easily stand by themselves. 

Despite the restraint exercised in the progressive department, this album clocks in at sixty-six minutes without dragging. It chugs along at a steady pace, pounding and banging, weaving and bobbing its way to the unsettling conclusion that is “Wza-Y’ei,” a truly disorienting bout of space dementia. Cosmonaut delivers on all fronts. 

KOSM will play Pub 340 on Saturday, November 17 for their ‘Cosmonaut’ album release party, accompanied by OmnisighT, Truent and Opus Arise.

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