Mark Sultan – Let Me Out 

Tuesday 13th, November 2018 / 16:54
By Christine Leonard

Modern Sky USA / Dirty Water Records 

Lifelong punk addict and garage rock salesman to the stars, Mark Sultan has been turning out cult rock gems since the mid ‘90s and, perhaps, he feels he has typecast himself over the years. Seeking his own flawed identity with his latest release, Let Me Out, he gives a plaintiff and prominent voice to his inner dialogue. Normally affiliated with a litany of zany musical acts, a solo Sultan retreated to his recording facility in the woods outside Berlin, “Sound Imperfection Studios,” to gather his new vision together. A cascade of emotions flows forth from the opening track “Coffin Nails,” with its surging organs and ‘60s shimmer. Eric Burdon would be flattered that his urgent desire to get out of that place has translated so well to Let Me Out some five decades later. The man of many aliases (BBQ, Von Needles, Creepy, Blotrz and Krebs to name a few) has found his happy place, setting up a sugar shack full of surf-rock shakers including “The Other Two,” “Heed This Message” and “Black Magic,” swingers such as “Everybody Knows,” “Wasting Away” and “The Problem,” and beatnik café wallpaper “Believe Me.” The album shifts into party mode with “Don’t Bother Me,” which finds Sultan swatting at fireflies while twisting his hips in Strawberry Alarm Clock time. Marquee-worthy “Humiliation” and “Tragedy” lend dramatic flair to Sultan’s highs and lows, making for a jangly joyride to ol’ Make-Out Point. Chilly despite the friction of an intense pace, the diamond-forming pressure of a night out with Sultan could leave a body suffering from over exposure.

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