MØ – Forever Neverland 

Tuesday 13th, November 2018 / 12:37
By Cole Parker

Chess Club / RCA Victor  

Danish singer-songwriter MØ, née Karen Marie Ørsted, hasn’t released an album since 2014’s debut No Mythologies to Follow. Since then, she has become very familiar to pop listeners through frequent collaborations with big name producers. 

With that in mind, Forever Neverland is a cohesive follow-up. MØ delves into the thin veneer of California living and pop stardom, reminiscing about simpler times in her adolescence. It’s well-treaded ground, but the stellar songwriting makes this through line feel fresh. 

The sonic space on Forever Neverland is not wholly unique either, seeing MØ play with a lot of current trends in today’s pop music. Generic dancehall beats and overdone Zedd-like vocal modulation can make what are otherwise great songs feel tired and rehashed. 

But MØ ‘s desperate rasp and incredible vocal range cut through the occasional monotony, providing an immediate emotional connection to the listener. 

Forever Neverland, despite its overdone EDM pedigree, is a great pop album. Genetically engineered to have you belt it out in traffic, swaying to the beat.

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