Joey Landreth: Adding a bit of extra polish to his soulful sound

Thursday 15th, November 2018 / 15:18
By Jenny Grant

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CALGARY – Already well-known for his outstanding musicianship and reedy, soulful tenor, Joey Landreth is set to release his second solo album early next year, and the frontman of Winnipeg roots rockers The Bros. Landreth has taken a sonic turn on his new music. Bluesy riffs have evolved into a less gritty and polished sound.  Lingering notes held at the end of a word or in a drawn out line are now shorter, tighter and crisper. There’s a new bounce in the tunes, a happy undertone that wasn’t as apparent before. It’s not a huge change, but definitely notable.

“The band’s a blast,” Landreth says of his tour mates, Roman Clarke and Meg Dolovich.  “We’re all from Winnipeg, and the Manitoba music scene is really tight knit. It’s been a lot of fun.”  Landreth goes on to joke about the family vibe of the group and how he and Dolovich have been playing together for a long time.  “Honestly, I think we’ve been playing together for about as long as I’ve played with my brother (Dave Landreth).” There is an excitement in how he speaks about the tour and his upcoming album, as though the next show and upcoming studio session will just bring more to look forward to.  “The whole tour has just been one big event.”

Landreth’s Forgiveness Tour kicked off with a sold out show in Nashville, and has taken him across the US and Canada, and through Europe regionally, including gigs in the United Kingdom. “People in the UK are just ravenous consumers of music,” says Landreth. “Historically, I’ve always had a nice reception from the folks there.”  Landreth is just outside of Toronto as we chat, playing his first-ever gig at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. “Yeah, it’s a big thing for me to play at the Shoe,” he admits. “It’ll be a good night. We’re looking forward to it and the audience will get a lot of three-part vocal harmony.”

Harmony is something Landreth has always done well, knowing when to let his voice rise and fall in waves.  His western tour this fall is a quick run with back-to-back shows, set to wrap up in Winnipeg on November 30th. “Then we’re home to finish up the album and work on some other projects,” Landreth reports. “I’m going to try to put out another song from the album in November, and then look at doing a few cover songs as a tribute to some of my influences.”

Joey Landreth plays at Fox Cabaret in Vancouver (November 22nd), Gateway in Calgary (November 24th), and The Station on Jasper in Edmonton (November 28th). Other dates can be found at

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