TMSV: Honing his own craft by sharing it with others 

Saturday 17th, November 2018 / 12:07
By Paul Rodgers


CALGARY  – Tomas Roels, a.k.a. TMSV is one of the intriguing performers and speakers at this year’s Alberta Electronic Music Conference (AEMCON). Hailing from the Netherlands, this 30-year-old producer and DJ has carved out a name for himself, both as a producer of sterling, traditional dubstep and, more recently, as a forerunner in the realm of 85-BPM halftime and jungle.  

Roels will be hosting a panel entitled Productivity for Busy Producers — which is indeed fitting subject manner for this perpetually productive producer, and it’s furthermore fitting that Sub Chakra picked him up for a show, as they have been pushing low end sounds in Calgary for many years now.  

“I’m giving a talk on how to be productive and make a lot of music while balancing work, personal commitments, travel and being a disorganized mess of an artist in general,” explains Roels. “I’m going to go over a system I’ve pieced together over the years that really helps me start and finish a lot of music, and not lose focus while working on music over longer periods of time.”  

Roels began streaming his creative process this past February, giving fans an inside look into how he crafts his beats.  

“What motivated me to start was mostly just the urge to help people with similar tastes to mine improve their production skills, and to demystify the process of producing darker types of electronic music,” he says. 

“It also helps me evaluate my own process and habits in the studio, and it’s nice to have a weekly broadcast during which I get to interact with a group of regular viewers. Aside from that, it helps me connect with people who are interested in taking private lessons through Skype. Also, big shout out to my Patreon backers. They really help me keep the stream going.”  

Of his own creative process, Roels says he feels that it is much more “formalized” these days. 

“I used to start every track with a blank slate and with the intention of making something that stands alone. Right now I’m a big fan of processes, workflows, templates and limitations in the amount of samples and synths. I make a lot more music than I release, and I’ve learned to embrace that separating the wheat from the chaff works a lot better for me than getting hung up on trying to make a perfect track every single time.”  

Producers from all stages in their own musical and technical progression will be able to hear more about his process, as he will touch on these sorts of things extensively in his panel.  

Right now, Roels has plenty of material set for release in late 2018 and early 2019 on dubstep and halftime labels such as Innamind, White Peach, and Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge. Roels says that he also intends on focusing on his streaming even more, to make it better and to build a community around it. He will also be creating a video series on productivity and more that will be available to certain Patreon supporters, and to the general public in some form or another.  

Finally, he adds that the next few Work in Progress Podcast episodes will be out soon, now that he and his co-host Joanna have locked in their next guests.  


Catch TMSVs show at Junction on Saturday night, and then hear him speak in the ATBN Gallery on Sunday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.