Pulse: Girl’s Rock Camp

Thursday 22nd, November 2018 / 11:26

DIY Weekend Workshop

Since 2013, Nicola Lefevre and Miesha Louie have run Girl’s Rock Camp Calgary (GRCC) designed for cis and trans girls, as well as non-binary youth between the age of 12 and 17 to develop their musical interests, performance and recording skills. This year, GRCC is excited to announce the first Weekend Workshop focused on DIY recording. While every year participants get to record themselves, it’s usually in a luxury studio. The DIY workshop has a different focus. 

“This is a realistic version of a high school band,” says Louie. “If they booked their own recording time or try to do it themselves, this is one area we haven’t taught them in yet. We want to teach them all the boring steps how to mic every instruments so that you’ll sound okay on garage band.

Lefevre adds, “We’re going to show them how to set up, use specific recording equipment, how to record a few songs, do a basic mix and master and get them online. It’s not going to be the kind of quality you can press vinyl on, but it will work on the internet.”

Both veterans of Calgary’s punk scene, Lefevre will handle the technical duties of recording while Louie guides students through how to prep and perform in a recording environment.


DIY Weekend Rock Camp takes place at the National Music Centre on Nov. 24 and 25. For more information go to www.girlsrockcampcalgary.com

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