Anna Morgan: A musical mosaic  

Saturday 01st, December 2018 / 15:25
By Jonathan Crane 

Anna Morgan
Photo by Dave Krugman

CALGARY – On December 8th Calgary’s Percolate event series will play host to Los Angeles based DJ, producer, and label co-founder Anna Morgan.  

Anna’s DJ sets have been largely described as “hybrid,” fusing genres like Chicago footwork, jungle, grime and left field bass music. This diversity is the product of her upbringing, the communities she’s lived in, and exploring pockets of culture scattered across the globe. 

Originally born in Japan, Anna grew up in a Jamaican household in the Bronx. The cosmopolitain nature of the city, combined with the rich mosaic of Caribbean music culture, made for a very eclectic introduction to dance music.  

“Musically my first dance music was dancehall, soca, calypso, and then coming from there when I went to raves I was listening to trance and techno and then I heard jungle,” says Anna. “And then it was ragga jungle that kind of really got me interested in like wanting to know more about the music.” 

After she began DJing in 2014 she became known as a “global bass” DJ, an umbrella term that encompasses genres like reggaeton and Afrohouse. Her tastes, however, began veering in a much more underground direction. 

“I was just playing things that I knew would move dance floors, but it wasn’t necessarily music that I was actually listening to,” says Anna.  

One day while commuting back to New York from Philadelphia alongside DJ Ripley, the pair struck up a conversation and discovered they both shared similar interests but lacked a suitable venue. The pair decided to start HEAVY, a night that developed into a key institution in New York’s underground.   

“It ended up being a haven for a lot of other bass producers and DJs to flex a little bit of things that they thought were maybe more experimental, or less accessible to the mainstream, but do it in a space that felt supportive,” says Anna.  

Although the HEAVY nights still continue under different directors, Anna has since shifted her focus to Worst Behavior, the imprint and party series she began alongside New York DJ Bell Curve.  

“With the Worst Behaviour imprint we continue to throw parties in New York, and we will also be spreading to L.A., we’re looking to throw some parties out on the West Coast as well,” says Anna.  

Recently she has also become an active member of Western Canada’s bass community through her work as a curator for Footwork Jungle, the blog started by Calgary artist Homesick. According to her, Western Canada’s community has become a source of inspiration since she first discovered it through the Bass Coast festival.  

“There’s an incredible amount of talent coming out, especially out of Calgary,” she says. “That’s why I’m really excited about going to Calgary, because there’s a lot of artists that I like that live there and I’m pretty impressed by how many of them are in this small space.” 


This edition of Percolate takes place at a secret facility, and also features Homesick, OAKK, Soothsayr, Garneau, and Sensr. 

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