This Month in Metal: December 2018

Monday 03rd, December 2018 / 09:16
By Joshua Wood 

Tenacious D Post-Apocalypto
Photo by Shane McCaughley

CALGARY – As much as October is the most metal month of the year, for some poor, misinformed souls, December is the least metal month on the calendar. Many international bands have figured out that touring Canada in a bus in winter makes the long way to the top seem that much further. However, amid the annual festivities, Christmas parties, and holiday TV specials, there are always a stocking full of great metal gigs going on around town to help thaw out your frozen bones. Even if you don’t give a fig about the holidays, you can still your fill of headbangers’ pudding! 

It’s a night for discovery on Dec. 7 at The Blind Beggar Pub hosts Deathcember with Hellrazor, Sallow Regent, Rising Sun and the world debut of Hyperia, featuring former outlaws of Skymir! That same evening at Dickens, it is power metal mania with Edmonton’s Striker back in town for the Play to Win CD Release Party.  The will be backed up by local thrashers Hazzerd, Traveller and for the first time ever, symphonic sensations, Edmonton’s Solborn will be bringing the songbird voice of McKenna Rae. 

The following night you can warm the cockles of your frostbitten heart as CJSW presents Mission: Remission – A Cancer Benefit Concert on Dec. 8. Go crazy for the cause at SAIT’s Gateway with orange planet harvesters Woodhawk, From The Flame and vanners’ delight Denimachine.  All proceeds to go to various cancer organizations including Wellspring Calgary and in support of Vito Borelli. The event will be hosted by Wicked Wally of CJSW’s Rock Bottom! 

If you need it blacker on Dec. 8, then slither on over to the King Rot CD release party at Blind Beggar Pub with Vile Insignia, Detherous and Fjell Thyngor. As black as the coal in your stocking. 

Feed a cold and starve your fever, Tenacious D brings “The Metal” to Grey Eagle Casino for a double-header on Dec. 9 and 10. Working the magic cast with their new album, Post-Apocalypto, the rock-comedy duo has already sold out their Dec. 9 show, so do not wait to see a tribute to the greatest song of all time! 

Vern’s is the place to be Dec.13 and 14. Order up some chewy suds and frothy nachos to wash down some dark, industrial noise and the smooth ambient sounds of a pure metal mix that starts early with Pandemik9, Metalmaester and Skullpartionroot.

After a brief hiatus, Voxx Promotions is back, Dec. 15, with a monster five-band bill slated for Vern’s. Subatomic Chaos, SICKS and After Earth launch the party, which also features Eye Of Horus and Ontario foundlings Killitorous (featuring ex-members of Cryptopsy and Annihilator), who are headed west for several dates in B.C., will also be at Rendez-vous Pub in Edmonton on Dec. 20 as they wind their way back home in time for Christmas.  

Get greasy on Dec. 15 as Glare and Krash break the crust at Without Papers Pizza (WOP) in Inglewood. Hungry young thrashers Krash are making the trek all the way from Saskatoon, so go enjoy them with a slice or two. 

Probably the naughtiest gig this season, StabTwistMas at Dickens Pub on Friday, Dec. 21 brings the holidays home to Calgary. Headliners Stab Twist Pull bring nice loud presents to the good little girls and boys with dashing Bazaraba, comet After The Prophet, cupid Murk and blitzen Third Chamber. You can be Rudolf, red nose! 

Lastly, let’s all get loose and leave 2018 in the dust at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino on New Year’s Eve with Broken Toyz and the ‘80s Metal Dance Party!  You know you have nothing better to do…  

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