Ace Frehley – Spaceman 

Wednesday 05th, December 2018 / 11:07
By Josh Wood

Entertainment One  

Is it possible to discuss Ace Frehley and not mention his previous band from the ’70s? Isn’t it time he stood on his own merit? Frehley is now well and truly entrenched in the third phase of his +40-year solo career, Spaceman being his fourth release in less than a decade.
First impression is that there is zero lyrical progression here. Once again, he’s paradoxically singing about being from outer space, yet also a humble boy from the Bronx, just rocking with the boys.  

It’s somewhat remarkable that his voice is holding up so well after all these years. Musically speaking, Spaceman is mapped out in a manner that is true to his signature style — simple and melodic with roots firmly planted in classic hard rock — and there’s no denying this old Ace still plays a mean guitar.  

As per his long-standing tradition, he ends his latest flight of fantasy with the epic, six-and-a-half minute instrumental “Quantum Flux,” the highlight of the entire album for sure. Despite this grand finale, Frehley’s eighth solo venture clocks in at an underwhelming 36 minutes, even less if you exclude the lackadaisical yet painfully apropos cover of Eddie Money’s “I Wanna Go Back.” However, it does come with three alternate versions of the cover for the obsessive collector! Far out, man!

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