Wednesday 05th, December 2018 / 07:00

We know you’ve been waiting all year for this! BeatRoute’s annual Holiday Gift Guide curates the coolest goods around to help you check off all the people on your shopping list this season. Plus, most of them are crafted by local makers, so you’re supporting your community as well as being a great gift giver. What’s better than that? Enjoy! And happy holidays to all.


Don’t let your Christmas dinner suffer at the hands of a dull blade. Amp up your knife skills and impress your family with this Mugi Santoku knife made by steel titans Haruyuki. Nothing compares to the feeling of Japanese steel and this beast slices, dices and minces like no other piece of metal you’ve ever held in your greasy palms. Find it at Knifewear Vancouver. – Jeevin Johal

The Hot Spot

Do you have a friend whose seasoning rack is 75 per cent red bottles with names like “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye,” “Ultra Death,” and “Mucho Picante?” If so, look no longer for gifts and stocking stuffers for the hot sauce aficionados on your list. The Hot Spot in Kitsilano is your one-stop-shop for all things ultra spicy, or just a lil’ spicy (lots of mild sauce options.) They also offer free samples of every sauce so you can test your Scoville tolerance while you shop! – Austin Taylor

Ani Artisanal

The absolutely beautiful offerings from this Vancouver-based lifestyle brand include straw fans and grass shopping baskets. All the products are designed and handcrafted by artists in Ghana and Thailand – founder Rhoda Obinecha, an Igbo-Canadian artist, is committed to supporting local artists and the use of natural materials. Find Ani Artisanal online at or at markets like the Eastside Flea. – Yasmine Shemesh

Glerups Slippers

photo by Doug Hampton

Your quest for peak comfort stops here. Glerups slippers are the perfect addition to the #teamcozy ensemble. Made of a luxurious combination of Merino and Gotland Wool, they are refreshing to slip on after an intense day on the slopes or lazin’ around the house on a day off. Best worn without socks, these warm yet breathable slippers are a perfect gift for anyone who has ever posted a picture of themselves wrapped in a blanket at noon on Sunday. Check them out at – AT

Mameyo Goods

Though this local leather brand has only been around for a short time, it’s already made a big impact with its thoughtful, modern designs. Find carefully handcrafted wallets, backpacks, tassels made from upcycled suede, and – our favourite – the rope-leather circle bag, Ellie. Find Mameyo on Etsy and at a variety of craft markets. – YS


You know those beautiful mid-century modern planters that pop up all over your Instagram (if you’re into plants and home decor, that is? These two Vancouver girls – ahem, plant girls – make their own custom, handmade ones out of wood and fibreglass. Bonus? They also come with tropical plants. Check out their Instagram at @2plantgirls and DM them to place your order. – YS


Yes, it’s “weed” spelled backwards! This cannabis-infused beauty and wellness brand offers products, like their Highly Nourishing Crèmes that are crafted in Canada and made in small batches from 100 per cent organic oil from the hemp plant. The seeds of the hemp plant produce an oil rich in essential fatty acids, which promotes healthy skin and hair. Deew’s stuff is also vegan and never tested on animals. Order them online at – YS

Taster’s Club

The gift that keeps on giving. Taster’s Club is a booze subscription service that delivers a new bottle of the choicest “must have” liquor to your door every month. Accompanied with expert level tasting, history, and distillery notes, so you can impress your friends with your knowledge of fine spirits. Pick your poison – they offer plans for whisky, bourbon, scotch, rum, tequila or bubbly. Make 2019 one to remember… or not. Get yours at – AT