PinBar Holiday Pop Up Market 

Friday 07th, December 2018 / 10:59
By Christine Leonard 


CALGARY – The holidays are the season that put the maul in shopping, so the off-the-beaten track artisanal markets have become the savvy consumer’s go-to when it comes to taking the stress out of buying for that special someone. Presenting the PinBar Holiday Market — the answer to your Pop Up! prayers. This year the venerable venue is inviting you to skip parking-lot purgatory and food court free-for-alls and enjoy some exclusive shopping opportunities while taking in some hot games and cool beverages. 

“Holiday markets are a good way to support local crafts people, who don’t necessarily have a brick and mortar location. So, we are setting up a few of our friends in the front space at PinBar to showcase their wares,” says GM Arlen Smith. “It’s a good way to shop local and support the very small crafts people as they often spend countless hours making items and have very few arenas to showcase [them in].” 

Running from 11am-5pm on Sunday, Dec. 9, the pinball spot’s Pop Up! will feature vendors including Twinbat Sticker Company, mo-Shelly, Grow Kids Co. and Freehand Leather. The family-friendly afternoon will serve up a selection unique items along with their usual array of amazing machines and lunch menu that’ll have the kids flipping out. And you can play all day for only $10 a person or $20 for a family of four! 

“Everyone loves to buy local, yeah? Well, this market is particularly cool cuz it’s all local businesses! Plus we’ve got something for everyone…literally!”  

Cory Martens of Twinbat confirms. “This one is really good for the weirdos. Cool handmade gifts that you won’t find anywhere else! Twinbat will be offering neat last minute Xmas presents like pop culture devotional candles and printed record tote bags! Twinbat Coffee or Tea is always a great gift for the coffee snob/tea hippie on your list! We’ll also be taking orders for custom one-off T-shirts.” 

When hunting for the ideal token of your esteem is this easy, the most difficult part of your day might be dropping clues about what’s on your own personal wish list.  

“I’m pretty straight forward and just leave direct hints,” says Smith. “I’m a fan of sock monkeys and leather goods. Who doesn’t love a handmade wallet or belt?” 

And, then there’s always the gift that fits everyone – gift cards for the indecisive will be available from PinBar and some of the participating vendors. 


PinBar Holiday Pop Up! Market runs 11am-5pm Dec. 9 at PinBar (Calgary) 

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