Concert Review: Childish Gambino

Tuesday 11th, December 2018 / 11:35
By Darrole Palmer

Childish Gambino brought his highly anticipated “This is America” Tour to Vancouver with Rae Sremmurd.
Photo: Greg Noire

Rogers Arena
December 7, 2018

“This isn’t a concert, this an experience.” On his last tour as Childish Gambino, Donald Glover stood shirtless in front of 12,000+ at Rogers Arena and informed the crowd that they are about to be taken to church. The triple-threat performer would prove himself throughout the night that he was serious about his opening statement.

Gambino’s This is America tour had quite the production, with dancers, a live band and stunning light shows, leaving the devoted flock in awe all night. Whether it was sitting in the crowd singing “Stand Tall” or rapping during “IV. Sweatpants” Glover had the crowd around his finger throughout the show. The former Community star would even showcase his acting skills, urging the audience to get louder for an encore during a behind the scenes live video with his stage manager once he stepped off stage.

It may have been Childish Gambino’s last show in Vancouver, but after playing a new song titled “Human Sacrifice,” all signs point to him continuing his career as Donald Glover, which should relieve many. The master performer creatively engaged with his congregation until the lights of Rogers Arena went on. Even during the final song of the night “Redbone” Glover was on the floor right in front of anyone who was lucky enough to get floor seats.

Gambino was not lying when he said this was going to be an experience. He managed to make you feel like you’d never seen anything like this in your life. He truly did take Vancouver to church and give us a religious experience.

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