Stab.Twist.Pull: Bringing heat, repping flavour  

Friday 14th, December 2018 / 12:33
By Trevor Hatter 

Calgary’s own musical chupacabra Stab.Twist.Pull discuss hot sauce, their new EP and Stab.Twistmas.  
Photo by Trevor Hatter


CALGARY – The only constant in life is that it is forever changing, local scream demons Stab.Twist.Pull ride the wave of change with a smile, focusing on maintaining the energy that makes metal fun. With recent lineup changes adding “Big James” Arsenian on vocals and Kevin Nelson on drums to STP veterans Russ Bauer (lead guitar) and Dave ‘Corpsey’ Mosimann (bass) the group is happy to catalyze into something unpredictable.  

“We all influence each other, it’s what we want it to be,” Bauer explains describing that he intentionally leaves space in the riffs to make room for his talented cohorts. “We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re not trying to be fancy, we just want to keep writing songs that are heavy and fun and get people jumping!” Big James adds describing the sound of their new track “Safe Space,” available on their Bandcamp page.  

The song is part of an EP that will be slowly released, song by song, leading up to their food bank benefit Stab.Twistmas featuring a glut of heavy local bands. If you find yourself looking for that last minute stocking stuffer, be sure to visit Stab’s merch booth to pick up some of the best hot sauce Canada has to offer. Stab.Twist.Pull is the latest band Heartbeat Hot Sauce has teamed up with to spread the magic of liquid fire to metalheads across the country. Having built a special spread for the Cancer Bats and a sponsorship deal with Woodhawk, Heartbeat’s aspirations for a relationship with metal and rock are high.  

“They want to be the Jägermeister of hot sauce!” percussionist Nelson notes referring to branding the German liquor has achieved by supporting music and events. Big James played in a metal band with Al, the owner of Heartbeat, and is quick to observe he may be biased about the level of greatness this condiment has to offer. Al was best man at his wedding after all. But his bandmates back him up – Nelson and Corpsey have dabbled in making their own sauces, while Russ keeps a bottle in a holster tethered to his signature sombrero. They wonder if there is actually something addictive in the stuff… 

“I got a bad habit, it’s really good!” Bauer emphasizes.  

If such a secret ingredient exists, it’s the fermented habaneros used in small hand-made batches that give the sauce its unique heat and crushability. Big James praises the company’s community minded ethos, “As soon as they had any measure of success, they were throwing it around and sharing it… It’s cool, Canadians helping Canadians!” 

Ever the ambassador to unusual pairings, Nelson suggests trying the blueberry sauce on vanilla ice cream, signaling the bands commitment to the spirit of experimentation and a mission statement of “Fun first! Questions later!” 


Stab.Twist.Pull host at Stab.Twistmas with guests Bazaraba, After the Prophet, Merc and Third Chamber on Dec21 at Dickens Pub (Calgary) 

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