Foxwarren – Foxwarren

Monday 17th, December 2018 / 11:31
By Trevor Morelli

Arts & Crafts 

Regina, Saskatchewan singer-songwriter Andy Shauf continues his poetic journey with Foxwarren, a new acoustic/indie rock group he formed with childhood friends Darryl and Avery Kissick and Dallas Bryson.

After being shortlisted for prestigious honors such as the SOCAN Songwriting Prize and the Polaris Music Prize, it might be hard for Shauf to shield himself from the inevitable acclaim or backlash (or both) that could come from an entirely new venture. Fortunately, Foxwarren arrives without any colossal expectations and instead just delivers a pleasurable, uninterrupted, and coherent piece of work that he can definitely be proud of.

While their path is certainly forged from Shauf’s mellow, introspective lyrics and acoustic troubadour roots, Foxwarren adds just enough spice to distance itself from his solo work. The songs on this debut feel fleshed out and complete, often travelling to new heights and introducing innovative flourishes into the fold within a four or five minute span.

Previously released single “To Be” is sure to be a future live staple, with it’s chilled out strumming pattern and unexpected – but genuine – vintage guitar solo.

Up-tempo track “Everything Apart” keeps things interesting, mixing Radiohead breakbeats with boogie-woogie synth soundscapes.

Handclaps drive “Sunset Canyon,” while the swirly, phasing background of “Fall Into A Dream” takes you to another planet and back.

Named after the small town in Manitoba, Foxwarren’s debut is a treasure worth of addition to your vinyl collection. Don’t be surprised if you see this one on the Polaris shortlist next year as well.