Mariah Carey – Caution 

Thursday 20th, December 2018 / 11:50
By Prachi Kamble 

Epic Records 

Mariah is finally having fun again on Caution. Nothing ruffles her feathers anymore. Men disappoint her but she finds it amusing. This is a simple record with catchy tracks. It might as well have been released in the ’90s since it sits in the same league as “Daydream” and “Butterfly”. Just like these albums, the tracklist is a curt ten songs oscillating between giving your ex the finger and professing old-fashioned love for your present honey.  

“GTFO” is a calm break-up song about Mariah running out of patience for drama while the sexy and seductive title track is a manual for how to correctly date MC. “No No” is an infectious earworm about warding off unwanted affections. This could be the anthem for a #metoo movement if you listen closely enough. On “Distance” Mariah teams up with Ty Dolla $ign, for a romantic snub to the haters, “they just want to be us they don’t want to see us going the distance.”  

Mariah brings her flavour to the melody of every song. There are some interesting names in the song credits as well – Porter Robinson, Skrillex and 22-year old Ontario producer, Luca Polizzi. Mariah has struck gold by keeping it simple on this album and cancelling out the noise of the last decade.

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