Rhye – Blood Remixed  

Saturday 22nd, December 2018 / 12:11
By Joey Lopez

Last Gang Records 

Dreamy Canadian R&B duo Rhye are capping the year off with a remixed re-release of their emotionally cathartic and heart-wrenching album Blood titled Blood Remixed. What was originally a gentle and sexy album that personified the tears that collected at the corners of your eyes after heartbreak has been transformed into a kick-ass collection of punchy and bass heavy house tracks. Rather than being the band listeners seek to set the mood or reminisce on the past, Blood Remixed makes Rhye’s tracks less about being alone in your feelings of unrequited love to finding love under the flashing lights of a dance floor at three in the morning.  

The biggest surprise from Blood Remixed is that it surpasses Blood in its uniqueness and becomes the superior album. Milosh’s surreal androgynous vocals are arguably some of the most impressive in current R&B, but with the added flare of break-beats and deep house his vocals transcend to become something much more powerful. 

With features from notable producers such as Washed Out, Poolside, Jacques Greene and Little Dragon, Blood Remixed is given the funkiest treatment possible and comes out the other side as a formidable contender for the best release on Rhye’s discography.

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