This Month in Metal: January 2019

Wednesday 02nd, January 2019 / 15:19
By Joshua Wood 


Primitive Man
Photo by Alvino Salcedo

CALGARY – As we leave the holiday season behind you might have an urge to wash all those Christmas carols out of your ears and see some fierce live metal action.  We have you covered! 

You know those New Year’s resolutions you just made to spend less and drink less?  Well, those can go out the window as we have some hard decisions to make for the first Saturday night of 2019.   

The Haiduk album release show will be at Vern’s on Jan. 5.  The one-man wrecking crew are releasing their third album, Exomancer, with Vile Insignia, Fjell Thyngor and Pecado slated to usher them to the stage in style. 

That same night, Calgary Beer Core kicks off the year with their first gig of 2019 at Upper Deck, where Snakepit, Human Shield, Vexerity and Hyperia will defrost your wind-whipped ears!  

Friday night is movie night at The Globe Cinema.  The Off The CUFF series is screening Lords Of Chaos on Friday the 11th.   The controversial film depicts the events of the Norwegian Black Metal scene of the early ‘90s replete, with arson, murder and corpse-paint. 

Sat the 12th The Palomino is host Lords of another realm as Dogtown shredders The Shrine roll in from California for a session with Cowtown curb-grinders Mandible Klaw and Denimachine.  

Swing by The Palomino again on the 19th to satisfy your garlic fry cravings and take in an equally potent four-band bill of featuring the rumbling wrath of Denver-based doomsters Primitive Man. The caustic trio will be harvesting souls alongside Wake, Messiahlator and Pathetic.  

But, don’t call it a night just yet, you can always head to the Blind Beggar Pub for a round with Dethgod, Ravage Red, Corpus Callosum and Jezus Chrysler.  

On Jan. 25 there’s more evil blackness to be had at The Blind Beggar pub as Meggido and Misery Tomb welcome Crimson Caliber from Medicine Hat and team up to tangle with the formidable Chaos Being. 

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