This Month In Film – January 2019

Friday 04th, January 2019 / 13:51
By Brendan Lee

Genesis 2.0

Travel north to the harsh, bleak country of Serbia where the wooly mammoth once roamed, and be led on a path towards a not-so-distant future. Oscar-nominated documentarian, Christian Frei, tells the story of modern day mammoth hunters, whose lives revolve around the rush to uncover fossils and carcasses that not only prove lucrative ventures, but are helping provide answers to long sought after questions in the world of science. (Jan. 2)

The Heiresses

A middle-aged Italian woman loses everything amidst her husband’s imprisonment on fraud charges and she’s quickly thrown from a life of luxury into a life of relative normality as a taxi driver. From there, she meets a younger woman. And as is expected, life continues to unfold. (Jan. 16)

The Image Book

Jean-Luc Godard is known as one of the first true auteurs, the centerpiece of French New Wave cinema in the ’60s and an all-time great. Nearly sixty years since Breathless, Godard returns with an avant-garde collage in the form of film-clips, paintings and music. It’s designed to be watched in a living room, and it’s orchestrated in such a way so to move you. (Jan. 18)

The Wild Pear Tree

Turkish Filmmaker, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, follows up his 2014 Palm D’or win with an atmospheric homecoming tale about an aspiring writer who returns to his parents’ home in the countryside after years away at university. The humble country life and all that come with it clash with the son’s aspirations in this beautifully shot family drama. (Jan. 30)