The Moröns: Under the F… (for fun) 

Friday 04th, January 2019 / 12:40
By Christine Leönard 

Shout out to Canuck Amusements!
Photo by Trevor Hatter

CALGARY – It’s almost a lyric to a Dead Milkmen song, Robbie Morön – magnanimous local rock ‘n’ roll bingo host –decides to pen some songs about his beloved game and soon the aspirations of forming a party punk band are sparked in his bass-riddled brain.  

“I wrote and recorded four punk tunes about bingo, and came up with the whole Moröns name and concept as a gimmick for the show. The show was eventually shelved and I got canned, but I still wanted to use those songs and the name. First thing I had to do was rewrite the lyrics. I no longer wanted the songs to be about bingo, except “Rock n Roll Bingo Baby”, because that jam’s a gem just the way she is! The next thing I had to do was get a band.” 

And so, Robbie rounded up a rag-tag gang of misfits and weirdos to forge an alliance and set about the business of wrecking rooms across Calgary. Or, as they call it, “Hick City.”  

“The mandate for the group was to make simple, straight ahead, light-hearted and catchy punk tunes. We thought the world could use another party rock band and that’s right in my wheelhouse,” reckons Robbie, who couldn’t be more stoked about The Moröns’ freewheelin’ line-up.  

“Well, obviously, you don’t need to pass an IQ test if you wanna be an official Morön,” he points out.  

Teaming up with drummer Lucky Morön, whom he had previously played with in La Cagaderas, Robbie identified kindred spirits in guitarists G.G. Morön (Inventing the Wheel, Torches to Triggers) and Dave Morön (Deville). Finally, the former ball-caller was confident that his new group had the potential to blackout more than a bingo card. 

“I’ve known Rob for a long time. When he sent me his ‘bingo’ songs, I really didn’t have anything else going on at the time. So I said, ‘Screw it, sure!’” Dave adds. 

The drinking anthems began to flow and soon it was time to hit the stage, playing gigs and giving their hometown a taste of its own Jägermeister, er, I mean medicine. 

The Hick City Punk Rawk EP is a raw DIY project we recorded on our own and did our own artwork, etc. I love the feel of those gritty demo’s and think everyone should have one,” says Robbie. “The upcoming We Threw You Under the Bus Cause It’s the Best Place for You EP was a more professional approach. And by professional, I mean we put a lot more money into it. We recorded it at Echo Base Studios with Casey Lewis and he just took it to another level.” 

An expert when it comes to short attention spans, chief Morön Robbie knows the key lies in changing things up often while maintaining a frenetic dancefloor pace.  “All killer, less filler.” That’s how they get ‘er done. 

“We thought that we might be better off releasing two or three EPs a year, as opposed to one full-length every other year. Just keep new music coming more often, but in smaller batches. I could be wrong, but time will tell, and we don’t have much to lose. So, what the hell?! Let’s try something different!”  

The Moröns host their ‘Skate Punk Ain’t Dead – Big Ass EP Release Party’ featuring Trashed Ambulance, Sessions Grizzly Trail and Aces on Jan11 at Dickens Pub (Calgary) 

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