January Horoscopes 2019

Saturday 05th, January 2019 / 14:45
By Willow Herzog

Photo by Danielle Nicol

Messages from the Stars: A look into the cycles and cosmic details of an unfolding forevermore, paired with a song suggestion curated for your sign

Aries​ ​(March 21 – April 20) Sort the truth from the spectacle. Sort the drama from the plot. Let new energy into the existing shape of things. Do so without shattering what holds you. Hold onto the rituals and self care that brings you joy states. Review your relationships with your desires. The more you understand who you are and what you were born to do, the more this year will assist you. Look for affirmations that expand your sense of self. This cycle is about nourishing the bonds you create and being more of yourself. Be less of what others expect of you and allow your eccentricities to shine marvelous Aries. Motivation and advancement are keywords this cycle.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“Blue Nudes (1-1V)” – ​ Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Taurus​ ​(April 21 – May 21) In chase of an everchanging sunset, you find the diamond centre in your eyes. Longing for meaning yet no defined path. The world, It’s perfect, It’s a mess- how will you choose to participate? This cycle could bring up feelings of how to actualize your existence through contact with other people. Allow yourself to joyfully participate in life while feeling the sorrows of the world. This is a big month for positive reframing and peak awareness. Use self control and discipline as tools for active rejuvenation. Tap into your flow state artistic Taurus and don’t be afraid to access the subconscious to create new work. You have a lot to say, so figure out your language. Be open to tears and breakthroughs.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“Adieu Au Dancefloor”​- Marie Davidson

Gemini ​(May 22 – June 21) Getting in touch with emotional spaces and personal relationships of the past. This is a time when things may feel as if they are shifting into new places as much as they are cycling back. Refine your headspace so that you may direct your consciousness with authenticity and understanding. You are allowed to create your future. Creating a relationship with the natural world will nourish. Tongues in trees, books in running brooks, sermons in stone and good in everything. Keep a flexible lense on the moment to moment. Take care of yourself so you may take care of your reality. This is a month to nourish and create. Harmonize, synchronize and flow with synchronicity.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“Bike”​- Autechre

Cancer ​(June 22 – July 23) Highly evolved forms of communication will be essential this month as there is much to signal and receive. You are connected to networks that have the ability to make waves in the social and emotional creative tapestry. Continue to return to yourself and give your heart time to think. Our emotions show up in the patterns of our life, watch for what is structuring in your field. There is an infinite number of emotional blends to experience this cycle, remember that there is so much experience and that it doesn’t all have to happen now. Trust in unfolding, trust in timing and trust in what doesn’t seem to work out. Know how far to expand yourself concentric Cancer. Feel strength in emotional temporality.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“A Silver Key Can Open An Iron Lock Somewhere” ​- Carla dal Forno

Leo ​(July 24 – Aug. 23) May you open to the deep rhythms of self love and acceptance of path this cycle. When one shifts into heart-oriented cognition the ability for overwhelming mental dialogue is lessened. Sit with your heart, allow it to generate its intelligence. You have large plans, expansive dreams and human needs. Look at how you are balancing these realms and where you could self-organize and prioritize better. January will create some softness for you, more space to breathe into the unique identity that you have come to understand as ever changing self. Take a long walk, talk with those you trust and don’t be afraid to take a whole day to relax and breathe. There is a spotlight on boundaries of self and relationship this cycle. Show up with respect and honesty for these lessons, transformational Leo. Allow life to change you, change life with your alchemy.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“Fine Again” – Tirzah

Virgo ​(Aug. 24 – Sept. 23) You care so deeply for those around you, nurturing beauty. Have you been pouring that same nurturing nectar towards your own being? This is a month to make your health a priority and reassess where energy is being expended and extended. Lighten up on yourself. No one is perfect. Gently accept your humanness as you continue to refine as you do. Reinvigorate the structures of your life with new and inventive ideas, without letting go of the positive aspects of the structure itself. Find new ways of working with the magnetism you posses alluring Virgo. This is a month to set big ideas into motion.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“Horizon of Appearances” – Steve Hauschildt

Libra ​(Sept. 24 – Oct. 23) Looking at new trajectories and shifting meaning. Check in with your intuition as you make moves on your life path. Career and ambition walk hand in hand as you set up future moves. Take time to sit down and carve out a map of intended direction. Setting up plans for summer months is advised during this passage. Trust in flow states and place yourself in alignment with where you feel to be a river of your own unfolding. Honest, raw and real communication changes everything. Say what you feel and trust the alchemy poetical Libra. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning. Revel in that aliveness and connect to those who help you feel the actualization of your dreams.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“So Slow”​ – Yuno

Scorpio ​(Oct. 24 – Nov. 22) You have been on a journey of changing landscapes. These landscapes both internal and external, multidimensional Scorpio. Know Thyself as you traverse deeper into your understanding of your life. Analyze and use the mind. This time lends well to organization, study and higher learning. You have been taking some chances that are infusing your life with greater meaning. Keep taking chances and stay open to the willingness to experience new realities. Leave behind what is no longer worthy of your efforts. Notice what naturally has been gaining momentum on your path, focus energy there. Trust your heart as the powerful and harmonic oscillator that it is. Follow it. Perceive with it.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“Lost Ways”-​ Pye Corner Audio

Sagittarius ​(Nov. 23 – Dec. 21) Everybody wants to love and you are certainly feeling this force sweet archer. Asking vs. Hoping is a lesson this cycle, claim your life from an empowered place and ask for what you want. Make the choices that activate the magic and connect you to the inspired life flow that you so deeply crave. Sift through the realms of possibilities in your rolodex of experience. The world is at your fingertips, how will you orchestrate? Intense awareness of the present moment will allow you expand with ease.

Song suggestion for the month:​ “​ City of Light”​ – Fennesz

Capricorn ​(Dec. 22 – Jan. 20) Your relationship to self and others are being highlighted this cycle, perceptive Capricorn. In certain ways your intentions are bearing successful fruits and in other ways missing the target. Focus your energy in an evolutionary and expansive direction. Watch your forms of communication and ways of relating. Check in with inner messages and communicate with poetic authenticity. A little in your own world always. Expand that world and share. Realize your ability to change the energy of your life and take that a step deeper. What is it you are looking to create?

Song suggestion for the month:​ “Koinois” -​ Laurel Halo

Aquarius ​(Jan. 21 – Feb. 19) Reassessment of your personal projects, career trajectory and letting go of what simply doesn’t fit. There may be a resurgence of past patterns, people and feelings. See what the revisiting of cycles can illuminate to you. Absorb the wisdom of lessons learned. Use your toolkit of known knowledge, intelligent Aquarius. See who sticks by you this winter; “Summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever.” Trust in the strength of your foundational relationships and nourish them. True friendship is a virtue.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“Gift”- ​Helena Hauff

Pisces ​(Feb. 20 – Mar. 20) This passage allows you to deeply reflect with how to move forward especially in the realm of relationship. It has been a time of honest conversations, deep flowing feelings and timeline trajectory changes. There is an internal well of inner strength that radiates from and for you. Pull from this internal well in a way that allows you to reflect and refine. With much to manifest, pour your efforts and intention towards your strongest visions. Surround your life with influences that respect your heart. There is a sacredness that resigns in your own heart, a multiverse of stars. Connect those stars to create new constellations exquisite Pisces.

Song suggestion for the month: ​“Habitual Love”​ – Okay Kaya

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