Album Review: Kid Koala – 
Music To Draw To: IO

Monday 07th, January 2019 / 11:52
By Christine Leonard

Kid Koala Music To Draw To: Io
Arts & Crafts

Rearranging the chemistry of the cosmos with a flick of his subtle wrist, Kid Koala remains a master tastemaker and beat-breaker with the invention of his new album, featuring soul singer Trixie Whitley. The forerunning single “All For You,” with its accompanying celestial video, sets a serene tone for the second installment of the Music To Draw To series, conceived and launched by the noted DJ and producer otherwise known as Eric San.

Continuing where Volume 1: Satellite left of, Io is a voyage to Jupiter and back again in eighteen ambient tracks, or 70 stellar minutes, however you measure the space-time continuum. Recalling the orchestral movements of Holst’s The Planets, and the lysergic emanations of experimental composer and accordionist Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, San’s musical meditation reveals itself one tremulous note at a time. “Lost at Sea” in an ocean of stars, our Billy Pilgrim pilot finds his Siren of Titan in the sultry R&B compass of Whitley’s interplanetary homesick blues. The jarred-head of Philip Glass and a pantheon of mythological deities look on as they circumnavigate “The Moons of Galileo” and mine a hurtling meteor for its lonely “Diamond Heart.” The future is not the enemy, the duo assures on “Look-Back Time,” so turn up the speakers and let the vibrations of Kid Koala’s universe be your astral guide and art instructor.


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