Album Review: MONO – Nowhere Now Here

Monday 07th, January 2019 / 11:37
By Christine Leonard

MONO – Nowhere Now Here
Temporary Residence Limited

2019 marks twenty years for Japanese noise kaiju MONO. That’s two hard fought decades of crashing through post-rock landscapes and performing their charismatic symphonies in temples of sonic worship around the world. If you’ve experienced the muscle-liquefying might of their live presence then your ecstasy is about to be redoubled with the release of the latest opus by electro-glockenspielist/guitarists Taka (aka Takaakira Goto) and Yoda (aka Hideki Suematsu).

Technicians of the supernatural, the outfit’s rock-infused orchestral compositions have an ethereal yet willful lifeforce all their own. The organic rhythms introduced by the addition of new drummer Dahm Majuri Cipolla (The Phantom Family Halo) adds a very physical heartbeat to the center of MONO’s boundless imagination. Lyrical novels “Breathe” and the 10-minute title track surge headlong into the stony towers of “After You Comes the Flood” and fearsome thunder of “Meet Us Where the Night Ends.” If you’ve ever admired the more cinematic elements of power metal with its medieval flourishes and magnificent tangents, but cringe at the over-the-top vocals – order up an earful of the paradoxically mute MONO. It’ll be the best thing you’ve never heard.