Album Review: Warbly Jets – Propaganda EP

Monday 07th, January 2019 / 14:21
By Jennie Orton

Warbly JetsPropaganda
Rebel Union Recordings

The dream of the ’90s is alive in Warbly Jets’ new EP, Propaganda. With knob-turning, air horn squealing Brit rock swagger, this short sampling of tunes is reminiscent of the Chemical Brothers and Oasis, which makes sense seeing how the band spent a good chunk of 2018 on the road, touring as the opening act for Liam Gallagher.

“No Allegiance” could waltz into the Snatch soundtrack without a ticket, and you can’t help but get jazzed by the chorus of “Kill Kill Kill” in “Cool Kill Machine.” Reminds one of the film Tank Girl and the time when we still felt like we had time to reclaim our water and avoid a dystopia. But now, as we strive to survive this tortured era, these mean bangers will do just fine in calming the itch.

As Warbly Jets shake off the Dandy Warhols bop of their former work in favour of some mean and sexy fare, we can all rest easy in the choice to do the same in our shattered hearts.


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