Album Reviews: The Dandy Warhols – Why You So Crazy

Monday 07th, January 2019 / 12:57
By Chad Martin

The Dandy WarholsWhy You So Crazy
Dine Alone

Something happens to people, and families, as they age that pushes them to evolve or get left behind. For a band entering their 25th year in the biz, we should expect nothing less. They’ve done, seen, and survived things. With Pete Holmström and Brent DeBoer exploring solo projects (Pete Intl Airport & Immigrant Union, respectively), one might expect the family to drift apart, and lose the fire of their early years. And yet the band still shows up when dinner is ready. They hit familiar territory with “Terraform”, a bass driven dance number. Zia McCabe gets her time to rock out with “Highlife”, a stompy ol’ country tune. Single “Be Alright” boom-clacks its way into your ear just fine, if just missing that certain something. “Thee Elegant Bum” again hits that familiar groove, almost. By the time they hit “Motor City Steel” they’ve gone full 16 Tons and what do you get.

The Dandys likely won’t gain any new fans with this effort but Why You So Crazy is not without its charm. After all, crazy is better than boring.