I M U R Prepares For The End of The Beginning

Wednesday 09th, January 2019 / 07:00
By Joey Lopez

Vancouver neo-soul trio I M U R, consisting of front woman Jenny Lea, Mikey Blige and Amine Bouzaher, have just come off of a stellar release of their latest EP Thirty33, a cathartic release of a heavily emotional project that feels like a weight lifted off their shoulders as they continue on their upward trajectory toward world domination. But as the clouds clear I M U R is faced with an even bigger mountain to summit as they approach the end of the beginning.

“We thought the hard part was going to be releasing the EP, but the hard part is going to be following it up,” says Blige, pondering the aftermath of Thirty33, preparing himself and the band for what’s to come and the reality of life after the release of an acclaimed work of art. “I’m relieved it’s out because now comes the fun part: performing. We’ve done three shows since the release party and it’s been amazing to hear how the songs are making people feel. There’s been a bit more of a cinematic approach to these songs,” says Lea, her voice cushioned by relaxation; the sense of relief radiates from her carried by a touch of pride seen in parents watching their child graduate. “It’s been crazy seeing all of the songs off the EP do so much better than pretty much every song we’ve released in the past has been amazing. It was so scary. We went to Toronto and only played the new songs. It went over better than I think the old songs would have. It feels like it’s connecting everywhere we take it,” says Blige, sharing Lea’s sentiments. “We know how we’re going to follow it up. We have ideas, but there’s still so much work to be done. Right now, we’ve set up this base camp before climbing Everest. We know it’s going to hurt, but we’re excited to climb.”

For the first time, I M U R feels like they have made something that belongs to the fans. Something their listeners have attached themselves too and claimed ownership through intense and deep connections, “It’s funny I was thinking about this this morning, from Slow Dive to Little Death it was a lot of Jenny’s songs with production added on to it. But with Thirty33 it was a blend of production and song-writing being done together with a focus on how people are going to receive it. It’s everything learned from the process of the last two releases put into one big package and that’s been resonating with people,” says Bouzaher.

I M U R have just returned from a tour of India and are ready to take their journey to the next level. Thirty33 has grown up and flown the coop to live on its own out in the world for their audience to enjoy and admire.

Thirty33 can be found on all streaming platforms.


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