Album Review: Mammoth Grove – Slow Burn 

Monday 14th, January 2019 / 11:19
By  Christine Leonard


It’s an analog miracle. The follow-up to Mammoth Grove’s consummately groovy desert rock album, Suncatcher has arrived almost three years to the date of that release’s appearance on the horizon in November of 2015. Built brick-by-brick in the mortar and metal studios of Calgary Recording Studios using exclusively non-digital means, Slow Burn glows with an inner fire that mitigates such a glacial pace. It’s really a testament to the determination of guitarist/vocalist Devan Forster, bassist/vocalist Tad Hynes and drummer Kurtis Urban to finish what they had started as a fresh-faced trio with the world at their customarily bare feet. Entrusting a trunk-load of their best psych-rock adventures to engineer Ian Dillon (The Electric Revival), the Barbizons behind Mammoth Grove focused on laying down four heavy-hitters that blow through the room like a magic mushroom cloud. From the plunging vortex of “Valleys” to the heart-bruised blues of “Seasons,” the Sabbath-sprawl of “Black Meadow” to the soaring invocations of the (almost twenty-minute-long) crowning triumph “Gloria,” Slow Burn will set you on an unpredictable yet deeply satisfying off-road detour.

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