Vancouver Short Film Festival Showcases Provincial Talent And Unites Industry Peers

Thursday 17th, January 2019 / 08:00
by Hogan Short

(L-R) VSFF co-director Marena Dix, board chair Kristyn Stilling and Zlatina Pacheva (also co-director) look to the stars.

VANCOUVER – Short films are perfectly designed to be watched during a film festival — back-to-back. When they’re great, they tell beautiful stories in moments. And when they’re not for you, you only have to stay with it a little while longer and onto the next one. Luckily there’s the Vancouver Short Film Festival and co-director Marena Dix is excited to share just what to expect from the VSFF and what they’re aiming to provide for their Vancouver audience.

“Our ultimate goal is to connect short filmmakers to a broader audience in order to grow the local film industry,” Dix says.

During the two days of the festival there are an impressive 39 short films to see. The films must be under 40 minutes in length and this year the festival received a record number of submissions. Dix is confident the programming will appeal to wide audience, especially with that much content.

“We have such a wide range of themes and genres. In one screening, you might start with a comedy and end with a suspenseful drama. The viewers can expect to laugh, cry and question reality.” The variety of short films continues to grow at the VSFF, offering audiences the best experience possible every year. “We have added an additional screening on the Friday to highlight Horror and Thriller filmmakers in our After Dark Screening.”

Highlighting filmmakers is a key component of the VSFF mission, which also gives the audience a unique chance to interact with the creative people creating short film. “Usually we have an 80 per cent filmmaker attendance rate for each screening,” Dix says. “We love supporting BC talent and it’s great when the audience can interact directly with them.”

As an audience member experiencing this festival for the first time, Dix has some words of advice to make your experience as rich as possible.
“See as much as you can and meet as many people as you can. As a filmmaker myself, I find that festivals offer a unique experience to meet fellow peers and find inspiration. I have met lifelong friends and collaborators at film festivals, including at the Vancouver Short Film Festival.”

The VSFF will be screening January 25 to 26 at the Vancity Theatre (1181 Seymour). For more information visit


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