Album Review: Lemongrab – It Doesn’t Sound Good But It Feels Awesome

Friday 18th, January 2019 / 16:15
By Jody Glenham

LemongrabIt Doesn’t Sound Good But It Feels Awesome

Montreal-based Lemongrab’s debut full-length is overflowing with a spazzy and meandering hybrid of post punk and stoner rock. Opening track, “Too Many Bitches,” is righteous and raunchy and by the time we hit the “yayayayayaya” chorus of Naked Ass Marimba, you can’t help but put your head down and party through it.  

The most interesting songs sit in the middle of the album with the opening of tracks like “Scratch and “Last Night in Jose being the strongest of the bunch. Recorded in Montreal with Rene Wilson (Michael Rault, Faith Healer), there is an outcry of energy captured throughout the whole album that gives you the idea that this band is definitely a lot of fun live.

Their push-around melodies on album single “Keep Door Open” will have you running in a circle and shoving your friends in that playful way where everybody has fun while Léonie Dishaw and Zale Burley’s guitar work keeps the arrangements melodic and steered away from coming across as shrill or screechy. Included are a few tracks from the band’s 2016 EP, The One With The Brooms, re-recorded and presented here in better developed arrangements, showing how this new band has grown a lot in the last two years.

With its sing-along choruses, Lemongrab has put together a collection of songs even your mom would love, if your mom was a teenager in Washington state in the early ’90s.   


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