Psytrance Icons Infected Mushroom Take A Trip Through Space With Latest Release

Monday 21st, January 2019 / 11:03
by Johnny Papan

VANCOUVER – Infected Mushroom are one of the all-time highest-selling musical artists to come out of Israel and, considered by many, icons and pioneers to modern day electronic music. The psytrance duo, consisting of members Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen aim to tell a new tale with every record, guiding listeners with the use of heavy bass, trippy synths, and psilocybin beats amongst a plethora of other sounds and vibrancies. Every album has an energy of its own, and Infected Mushroom’s most recent release, the interestingly titled Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys sees the duo take an audio journey through infinite space.

“Every album of Infected Mushroom has a story behind it,” Duvdevani says. “Usually it’s a funny story between me and Erez, but then when we put it out the name takes a conspiracy of its own. The name Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys is a big title so people on the internet are saying ‘what’s going on? Are they being serious?’ It takes a life of its own.”

Given the eclectic nature of Infected Mushroom’s production quality and supporting artwork, it’s hard not to dive into imagination of travel amongst the stars, exchanging dialects with extraterrestrial beings, and landing on uncharted planets in far away galaxies. Duvdevani, however, shares a much more down to Earth meaning behind the new album title:

“There were two crew members of an Infected Mushroom show and our stage manager was fighting about this screw on our stage. It was the most meaningless conversation whatsoever,” he laughs. “These two crew members had really long beards, they looked like the Amish. So I came up with this title Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys while they were arguing about a screw. in this particular album after the funny jokes between us I started making comments about the conspiracies with the head of NASA and alien colonies in the United States but, you know, it’s a thought that came after the name and not before.“

The question of what lives beyond the stars has pondered the human psyche for centuries. In the grand scheme of total existence, we are essentially germs magnetized to a floating rock, and whether or not other floating rocks have germs of their own has caused debate as sources, documents, and other unexplainable matters have added fuel to the fire that is the alien conspiracy.

“They aren’t only conspiracies,” Duvdevani explains. “I’ve been to the pyramids of Giza, they look very futuristic for that time. So I don’t call them conspiracies, I call them theories by other people. But theories are out there about not only space, but about everything. Just because we haven’t seen it yet, doesn’t mean it’s not here or out there. Anything you can imagine is probably out there. But everyone can have their own beliefs. It’s hard to believe that this far into the future we’re the only ones in space, but if you do that’s your own agenda.”

Infected Mushroom play the Commodore Ballroom on January 26.



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