Silverstein Celebrates 15 Years of When Broken Is Easily Fixed

Monday 21st, January 2019 / 07:00
by Slone Fox

Photo by Wyatt Clough

A staple in Canadian post-hardcore for 18 years running, Silverstein doesn’t pick favourites when it comes to their growth as a band. Revisiting their roots and heading back to the basics, the band has embarked on a unique journey in honour of the 15th anniversary of their first record, When Broken Is Easily Fixed, accompanied by, Hawthorne Heights, as cities burn & capstan playing the album from start to finish and following it up with their greatest hits.

“We’ve put out, like, eight albums,” says vocalist Shane Told. “Having a favourite song at this point is like having a favourite child, but let’s say you have over a hundred kids. A lot of people are excited because at this point in our career, they just never thought they’d get to see those songs live. A lot of them have so much meaning to people because they’ve grown with them for years.”

While most fan bases have an innate fear of bands drifting away from their initial sound, this has proven to be a non-issue for Silverstein. Staying true to their original style, Silverstein has progressed and snowballed into a band that has now toured the world, sold over one million albums, and has yet to even reach their full potential, according to Told.

“We feel like we’re just getting started,” he says. “We’re not one of those bands that went away – we’ve been here the whole time. Since we got signed in 2002, all we’ve done is work. Whether we’ve been on the road or writing and recording, we’ve really been taking no breaks. We’ve gone back and forth from one to the other for 18 years. When this tour is done, we’re going to go back home and book some studio time and start writing some songs. Hopefully we’ll have a record out pretty soon.”

Silverstein is notorious for putting out albums like clockwork, with a new one released every two years on the odd numbered years, but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for 2019. While it’s not impossible, 2020 is much more likely according to the quintet, who are content continuing to play what they’ve already created in the meantime.

“Bringing back the stuff we’ve done is just celebrating. Nothing is taking away from the music we’re making now,” says Told. “Obviously it’s always important to promote our current stuff, and a lot of bands, to be frank, they suck worse and worse and worse as they get older. Their records get less inspired. In some cases, it gets a little embarrassing, and we take a lot of pride in that we always push ourselves every record and our music has only gotten better.”

With 18 years behind them and countless more on the horizon, call it karma that Silverstein has been able to blossom into the beautiful, hardcore flower they are today.

Silverstein plays January 25 at the Rickshaw Theatre



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