Album Review: Cherry Glazerr – Stuffed & Ready

Monday 28th, January 2019 / 12:49
By Cole Young

Cherry GlazerrStuffed & Ready
Secretly Canadian

Upon first listen it sounded like Cherry Glazerr had a more mature sound on Stuffed & Ready. Having gone on as a three piece after losing synth player Sasami Ashworth (due to her working on her solo career), it seemed like the extra space in the mix was met kindly by the remaining musicians. However, on following visits the album becomes less courageous and more so a typical festival-tailored indie rock piece aiming to please an angsty teenage audience. Songs often being too reminiscent of too many other poppy “punk” rockers from the last five years.

Formulated rhythms and predictable pauses and drops keep the listener from being engaged or shocked. On top of the characterless instrumentation, the lyrics lack depth. Although they are sung melodically by Clementine Creevy’s undeniably beautiful voice, they struggle to engage the listener into the story being told.
Although there are songs like album opener, “Ohio,” where Cherry Glazerr are undeniably on point, or “Daddi,” where the lyrics do have some backbone and subtle aggressiveness, overall, even though Creevy has said an incredible amount of time was spent creating it, Stuffed & Ready comes across rushed & uninspired.