Slowcoaster bring your helmets 

Monday 04th, February 2019 / 18:15
By Trevor Morelli 

East Coast party rock without the Toys in the Attic ego
Photo by Duane Kelly

CALGARY – “We were standing right next to a tech, and he came up and he started fucking ripping on this tech about some problem with his mic stand. Like ripping on this guy, like so mad!” laughs Slowcoaster frontman Steven MacDougall about his encounter with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler at Cape Fest back in 2014. MacDougall adds, “Did you ever see that Homer meme where he like melts back into the bushes? That’s what we did.” 

Since the release of their 2010 debut album Darkest of Discos, Sydney, Nova Scotia’s Slowcoaster has been determined to keep the East Coast party going. They released an online EP simply titled Track 1 last summer and they’re already working on more new tunes that will hopefully be released later this year. 

“We just did a summer kind of project. We started it last spring, then we released it over the summer, and now it’s kind of wound down so we’re pre-producing our next project,” explains MacDougall. “I like what we’re doing right now. We’ll probably put out another five-song kind of collective. We’ve come out of that ‘chase the dragon’ phase.” 

Elaborating further, MacDougall says the band struggled with the balance between making honest music and radio “hits” for a few years. After some initial success with Darkest, there was a definite temptation for Slowcoaster to keep making earworms, to chase the dragon, whether they felt moved by the music or not.  

“We recorded an entire record and we threw it out, and we were just like, ‘This is garbage.’” MacDougall admits.  

Darkest of Discos did really well on the radio, and it gives you that little glimpse into, ‘Oh, now my gigs have gone from a thousand dollars to six thousand dollars!’ and you just start to kind of want to chase that dragon.  It’s just like a natural thing to want to do.” 

He adds, “We realized it’s like, ‘Fuck, we started thinking.’ When you start thinking is when the art starts to suffer. We’re getting some pretty positive feedback for the new stuff. It’s been working amazing. I haven’t been this happy writing in the band in a long time.” 

With only one West Coast show on the books right now, MacDougall says Slowcoaster is stoked to be playing their annual show at Dickens Pub this month. “It’s crazy every time. It’s never ceased to be amazing. I guarantee you, you will have a good time. I don’t know if you’ve spent that much time in a room with 400 East Coasters before. Bring your helmet.” 

Slowcoaster plays The Annual Show With Nova Scotia’s Best! on Feb. 8 at Dickens Pub (Calgary) 

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