Embracing the Silence at Scandinave Spa

Monday 04th, February 2019 / 15:17
by Maddy Cristall

Photo by Justa Jeskova

Scandinave Spa is notorious for its location in the gorgeous Whistler, B.C. People from all over the world visit this delicious slice of paradise. What makes Scandinave particularly special is its accessibility – you can spend an entire day visiting their generous array of outdoor baths for under 100 dollars. The spa also provides massage therapy options, but the baths seem to be the place to be amongst the high numbers of young travelers passing through.

The baths cascade over four stories amongst the grandiose mountains, scents of eucalyptus and sea salt billowing through the air. The traditional Scandinavian baths vary between hot and cold, meant to be visited in a rotation to promote the release of internal negative energy. Afterwards, people are encouraged to visit the solariums, outdoor fireplaces, hammocks (summer only), and a multi-purpose yoga studio. One particularly invigorating room is the eucalyptus solarium, which encourages the cardiovascular system to regulate itself. You can feel your pores and sinuses getting cleared while fully immersing in the depths of relaxation.

People walk around in bathrobes and bathing suits in the middle of winter. Not a single cell phone is present and the highly attended winter wonderland is peacefully soundless. Silence can sometimes be the loudest noise of all, which is certainly the case at Scandinave.

It’s a wonderful sensation to be in a bustling public environment while nobody is speaking. It encourages us to slow down, look inside, and be present. This does not occur often when visiting tourist attractions and that’s part of why Scandinave is so widely celebrated. It’s a transformative experience that rebuilds you from the inside instead of the outside – something we need more of in our wild world.

Scandinave Spa is located at 8010 Mons Rd, Whistler.