CLUBLAND – February 2019

Tuesday 05th, February 2019 / 12:19
By Joey Lopez

Winter isn’t over yet and the cold might make you want to stay in all day, but you’re not going to want to be a homebody forever so get out there and catch some of the electrifying shows that February has to offer. Grab your Valentine’s Day date and impress them with your impeccable tastes at this month’s upcoming shows.

February 7th at Celebrities

The LA-based electronic dance duo with Latin roots, Boombox Cartel are guaranteed to bring the house down at Celebrities Nightclub with their trap and hip-hop influenced production. Get ready to be danced into a daze by their hypnotizing grooves that is both dramatic and romantic with a touch of head-banging dubstep snuck in there to keep you guessing WTF will come next. Get ready to experience two club DJs on creative steroids.

February 14th at The Imperial

Oh shit, Chali 2na himself! The OG from the legendary Jurassic 5 is going to be bringing his brand of classic hip-hop to The Imperial on Valentine’s Day. When we say classic hip-hop we mean it and this is the show to be at if you want to spend the most romantic day of the year if you feel like you’re getting funky with one of the grandfathers of the Chicago rap scene.

February 16th at Celebrities

Do you have plans February 16th? Well, forget them. Forget them now! Drop everything and go see Yves Tumor at Celebrities Underground. Coming off of a collaboration with Blood Orange and their incredibly strong album Safe in the Hands of Love, Yves Tumor is the best he’s ever been and you’re going to want to see what he has to offer. Fans of experimental hip-hop and avante garde soundscapes will have field day with this show.

February 22nd at Fortune Sound Club

A member of 88Rising and former YouTube sensation Joji has quickly risen in the ranks of the alternative R&B world with his dark, moody style. If Valentine’s Day wasn’t for you and you’re still rocking that single life then lose yourself in Joji’s brooding tracks about sadness and heartbreak. Embrace that inner sad boy and catch what is most definitely going to be an interesting performance.