Static Jupiter Gives Psych Rock A DIY Home In Vancouver

Tuesday 05th, February 2019 / 12:35
by Cole Young

“Anyone can have a projector, but when the liquid light show is happening in real time, you just know that the artist is experiencing the music the same way the artists playing it are. It’s just beautiful.”

Valeria Kvochkova, owner and lead engineer of Static Jupiter, is bursting with passion when talking about Vancouver’s local music scene. Whether it’s the aforementioned live analog liquid light show present at every gig she hosts at her venue, the bands playing, or the people who show up, it’s clear that every ounce of her spirit is dedicated to helping the music scene grow and flourish.

Static Jupiter is Vancouver’s newest DIY venue, hosting mostly garage-rock type shows every weekend. On top of being a great place to catch one of your favourite local acts, Static Jupiter is also a recording studio during the week. Kvochkova is busy working with tons of local groups such as Brother 12, The Rambling Derelicts, Oswald and Primp. On top of her passion, Kvochkova is full of talent, knowledge and creative ideas. She’s currently waiting to get her reel to reel tape recorder fixed and she will then not only be able to record to tape, but also will have live sets running through it which will then play through the PA at shows so that the audience gets to experience the sound of reel to reel during a live performance. She also plans to purchase a vinyl cutter so she can record the sets straight to vinyl. Once she has this set up she will be the only one in Vancouver recording live shows straight to vinyl, something she is really looking forward to. “You have this event captured on beautiful vinyl and if you listen to it you’ll feel like it’s happening again in real time,” she says.

Kvochkova has put an incredible amount of time and energy into making Static Jupiter what it is today. From installing acoustic treatment to design and promotion, she puts everything she’s got into the space. “All I want is to contribute to the music scene, and when people are here you just know that’s it’s become a community. People are actually here to listen to the bands. It’s not about doing drugs and getting drunk, it’s the complete opposite and I really respect that. It’s probably why I’m still doing it, even though I’m tired as hell.”

Static Jupiter is located at 25 E 6th Ave. in Vancouver.


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