ALBUM PREMIERE: Ocie Elliott – We Fall In

Friday 08th, February 2019 / 07:00
By Jordan Yeager

Right on time for Valentine’s Day comes debut album, We Fall In, from euphoric indie folk duo, Ocie Elliott. Their west coast influences are palpable. Listen to opening (and titular) track “We Fall In” and, within a few chords, you’ll feel transported to the lush green forests of Vancouver Island, where Jon Middleton (of Jon and Roy) and Sierra Lundy reside.

Hailing from Victoria, BC, the duo often takes to the woods to record their songs. The seven-track album paints a vivid picture of the rich, mossy landscape in which each song was conceptualized and crafted. You can almost feel the breeze, smell the pine trees, and sense a river roaring just out of sight.

“We Fall In is essentially about love — as a multi-faceted thing,” says Lundy. “The songs speak to different aspects of love that we’ve experienced in our own connection and witnessed around us.”

We Fall In looks towards the future while at the same time evoking nostalgia – Middleton and Lundy’s voices were meant to complement each other. They met at a Salt Spring Island music festival and instantly felt chemistry, both musically and romantically. Soon, Ocie Elliott was born. Whether intentional or not, their bond is obvious in everything from the lyrics they write to the videos they post on social media. They have plenty of Canadian and European tour dates lined up this winter and spring, so be sure to catch them at an intimate venue while you still can.

We Fall In is available everywhere on February 8 through the Nettwerk Music Group.