Summerfallow: It’s okay to feel!  

Saturday 09th, February 2019 / 09:05
By Trevor Hatter 

Photo by Trevor Hatter

CALGARY – A year and a half ago Summer Abney was a singer-songwriter embarking on modest interprovincial tours. Meanwhile, Chris Tuijtel (drums), John Hanes (bass/synths/effects) and Nathan Peebles (guitar) were jamming heavy rock together. While their unified sound had coalesced over years of companionship, the threesome were looking for a new project to expand their horizons. When Abney joined the trio, Summerfallow was born offering lion-hearted poetry, sombre-tempoed arrangements and a soulful presence in Abney.  

“People have said it’s a cross between Pink Floyd and Bruce Cockburn.” That they are compared to the Canadian folk icon elates Abney, who reveals her excitement over with five Cockburn LPs passed down from her mother.  

“We have a classic songwriting sound with a little bit of psychedelic edge,” say the vocalist, adding that band creates a listening experience that contains a conduit of emotional connections. 

“It’s okay to feel!” the siren songstress exclaims. A connection that Summerfallow fills with dynamic surges, mellow grooves, iron, wine and just a dash of danceability. They aim to let improvisation flow freely while still leaving space for each member to express themselves. It is a rare enterprise.  

“People can expect to be tripped-out, have a good time, look around warmly at their friends and smile, maybe cry a little,” she remarks laughing, stating that the band’s mission is to deliver a beautiful, moving occasion.  

Summerfallow performs with Salt Horse, Lucid 44 and Cold Water Feb16 at The Palomino Smokehouse (Calgary)

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