Snotty Nose Rez Kids: Building bridges of colour 

Thursday 14th, February 2019 / 20:59
By Trevor Morelli 

Snotty Nose Rez Kids Photo by Vanessa Heins

CALGARY – Snotty Nose Rez Kids, the energetic, banger-heavy, hip-hop duo from Haisla Nation in Kitamaat, BC, move fast and furious forging their own path. Charting their course for 2019, the group is already working on new a new album after last summer’s mixtape Rez Bangers & KoolaPops. 

“That’s going to be out in probably a couple months. We kind of switched up the whole look of the album. Rez Bangers & KoolaPops was kind of like a summer mixtape for us that we were putting together and hoping to get out before the festival season, and something that we could just perform at festivals,” notes Quinton “Yung Trybez” Nyce, one half of the dynamic duo.  

“But this new album, we kind went another direction with it and there’s a lot more to it than a mixtape. I would definitely say the album itself is building bridges between us and other people of colour. And it’s kind of showing that we’re not so different in a sense.” 

In just over three years, SNRK has grown their fanbase across the country that included making the Polaris Music Prize short list last year for their 2017 album The Average Savage. What started as a post-music school project has taken on an exciting life of its own. 

“It was about the end of 2015, I decided to take this audio engineering and music production program, that was like a nine month program. I learned how to work ProTools, I learned how to set up and work in the studio and I started recording from there,” says the group’s other half, Darren “Young D” Metz. 

Young D says it was a natural transition to keep things going once the class was done.  

“I recorded a mixtape for a school project, and then that’s when I first moved out of Vancouver and Q was the only guy that I knew, so he became like my go-to feature. So that project right there was like a preview of SNRK before SNRK.” 

With just a few Western Canada shows on the current run, SNRK are sure to bring the party loud and hard to this year’s Block Heater festival later this month. 

“If it’s anything like Sled Island, I’m looking forward to a really hype crowd that gets really involved in the sets. And I’m also looking forward to linking up with Cartel Madras and maybe getting a song in with them as well,” gleams Yung Trybez. 

Snotty Nose Rez Kids perform Feb. 21 at Block Heater (Festival HallCalgary), Feb. 22 at the Waverly Hotel (Cumberland), and Feb. 23 at Kingsway Hotel (Port Alberni). 

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